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Both sexual performance and penis size, thickness, and fullness
13 powerful ingredients that synergistically work together
Powerful Amazon herbs that promote sexual performance
Stimulation of the testes and adrenal glands to secrete powerful androgens (male sex hormones ) which will increase Penis Size
Increased sperm production which leads to powerful orgasms
Increased Blood flow to the penis increasing thickness and size
Increased Testosterone and Growth Hormone to Increase the sex drive



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Benefits of vigour MEASURE-UP

Does your performance and pleasure need something MORE?

Here's what vigour MEASURE-UPô can do for you:

Imagine a bigger orgasm, better erection, longer-lasting sessions and MORE of everything your partner craves! vigour MEASURE-UPô Capsules is the #1 choice for results according to our clients, doctors, and industry review sites.

If you're seeking an improvement to any aspect of your sex life, and want a clinically-approved proven formula, vigour MEASURE-UPô is the #1 choice for you. Many product review sites by consumers strongly recommend vigour MEASURE-UPô Capsules as one of the best male enhancement products available today.

Super-charged sex drive

The first step in revving up your sex life is to get your libido going. Men who are not satisfied with the completeness or the strength of their erections, have experienced premature ejaculation, or lack of sexual confidence, find that their sex drive tends to become somewhat "shut down" by the negative associations. vigour MEASURE-UPô Capsules tackles these problems with a brand new formula packed with 100% natural herbal ingredients specially blended to increase your sexual appetite, interest and responsiveness.

"Psychological sexual research consistently demonstrates that sexual desire and sexual satisfaction are very dependent on the way you view yourself psychologically."

You only live once so why not be the best that you can be? With the help of our product you could become the man that you have always wanted to be and your partner(s) want you to be.

Rock-solid erections that feel
bigger, wider and fuller

A slightly soft erection is not only troublesome to you, but it's less visually exciting and less stimulating to your partner. For both of you, the ideal is an erection that is full, hard, and ultimately satisfying.

Have you ever wondered if her ex-boyfriends were harder than you or better in bed than you? Stop worrying and Order vigour MEASURE-UP Now.

Control your orgasm and ejaculate further

One of the most noticeable benefits of the vigour MEASURE-UPô Capsules formula is the increase in ejaculation volume. A bigger load is tremendously satisfying to you because of the stronger, more exciting contractions that your body must produce to handle so much volume. The secret ingredients for semen-volume building include number of herbal ingredients that nourish the reproductive system.

"Our herbal ingredients aids in sperm motility and quality and is very important in the metabolism of testosterone."

Not only does a bigger ejaculation prolong the pleasure you feel, it provides visual stimulation for both you and your partner. A more voluminous delivery of ejaculate is associated with masculinity and male potency.

Along with more volume, vigour MEASURE-UP gives you more control. Our customers report that the vigour MEASURE-UPô  give them the ability to choose the timing of their release, and give them a feeling of being stronger and more sexually proficient.

"Not only can you have the most solid erection ever, but you might also be able to ejaculate on the ceiling."
Increased confidence when making love = better sex

The vigour MEASURE-UPô capsules is a definite plus to a man's confidence. How do we know? Thousands of customer postings, testimonials, face-to-face interviews and feedback from professionals document the greater sexual confidence that men feel as a direct result of regularly using the vigour MEASURE-UPô . These men have defined and described sexual confidence as the certainty of being a memorable and exciting lover, the sure expectation that sexual performance will be impressive every time, the knowledge that the partner will be more than satisfied, and the pleasure of being sure of reaching a powerful climax with the control and timing they want

There is no need to live with insecurities. Order the  vigour MEASURE-UPô product and you will instantly be on your way to big results.

The best ingredients, formulated in the best way

vigour MEASURE-UPô Capsules have a unique formulation of natural ingredients carefully calibrated in our formulation facility to boost blood flow to the penis and improve the quality and fullness of erections. A natural effect of this greater fullness is much greater, more pleasurable sensitivity.

Here's what you might expect and when

For Partial weakness : 1 capsule in morning, 2 capsules evening at 1/2 an hour after meal. CONTINUE FOR 180 DAYS MINIMUM. USE MORE TO ENJOY MORE.
For complete weakness and quick action : 2 capsule in morning, 2 capsules evening at 1/2 an hour after meal. CONTINUE FOR SOME PERIOD

Though everyone responds a little differently and on their own timeline, here's a look at some of the responses men have reported on vigour MEASURE-UPô (if you are not impotent):

Phase I (Week 1 - 8) - Your erections  will last longer, become harder, and more vascular, may increase size upto .5 even 1 inch (when erect)
Phase II (Week 9 - 17)- Your erection continues to grow in length & thickness. Will be upto 2 inches larger and much harder (when erect)
Phase III (Week 18 - 24)- Your penis will have taken on a new body; upto 3.0 inches larger (when erect).

The confidence and sexual ability you gain will radiate into a more positive self-image in everything you do. And remember, the vigour MEASURE-UPô is clinically tested and 100% guaranteed.

Make your partner say Ouch again and call you a Rock Star in Bed!

Dramatically increase the size of your penis that increase and maximize your penis

You will feel and see the Difference

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