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Both sexual performance and penis size, thickness, and fullness
13 powerful ingredients that synergistically work together
Powerful Amazon herbs that promote sexual performance
Stimulation of the testes and adrenal glands to secrete powerful androgens (male sex hormones ) which will increase Penis Size
Increased sperm production which leads to powerful orgasms
Increased Blood flow to the penis increasing thickness and size
Increased Testosterone and Growth Hormone to Increase the sex drive



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Q & A "Frequently Asked Questions" :
find solution of any your query"

Here we are providing solutions of Frequently Asked Questions came us through mail/e mail/other sources. These can be beneficial for you

Q. How soon will I see results?

A. vigour MEASURE-UP™ starts to interact with your body's hormone production immediately.
(if you are not impotent)
Phase I (Week 1 - 8) - Your erections will last longer, become harder, and more vascular, may increase size upto .5 even 1 inch (when erect)
Phase II (Week 9 - 17)- Your erection continues to grow in length & thickness. May be upto 2 inches larger and much harder (when erect)
Phase III (Week 18 - 24)- Your penis will have taken on a new body; upto 3.0 inches larger (when erect).

Q. How and when should I take vigour MEASURE-UP™?
A. Again, it is important to take vigour MEASURE-UP™ as directed on the label and consistently. Three capsules daily is the recommended dosage. For the powerful sexual performance effects of vigour MEASURE-UP™ - (increased sperm production, increased sex drive, more powerful orgasms, etc) then take two more half an hour prior to sexual activity. Do not exceed six in any given day.

Q. Is it safe and natural?
A. Though vigour MEASURE-UP™ is the MOST powerful and MOST comprehensive formula on the market!!! It is in fact all natural and safe when taken as directed on the label. The ingredients are very powerful and very synergistic. So to get the desired and proven results, take the formula as suggested.

Q. I have noticed larger sperm count…is this normal?
A. Not only is this normal, better yet, the formula is working! When taking vigour MEASURE-UP™, the sexual performance effects will be the first changes in your body! Your sex drive will increase, your penis will become rock hard during sexual intercourse and maybe even more importantly your sperm production will increase, allowing you to have AMAZING orgasms and you will notice the time needed to recover between each orgasm becomes lessened as you continue to take vigour MEASURE-UP™.

Q. I am thinking about sex all the time now…why?
A. Because vigour MEASURE-UP™ is working! One of the most important interactions with your body that vigour MEASURE-UP™ has an effect on is increased testosterone production! Testosterone has such an effect on many of your sexual functions, but one immediate effect that you will notice is how much sex is on your mind because your sex drive is now increased many times!!! And this is only the first step!

Q. I seem to explode when I orgasm! Is this safe?
A. Very safe and a desired effect! As you age, sperm production starts to lower because many of the hormones that are related to sexual performance, and in this case sperm production starts to decrease. vigour MEASURE-UP™ will increase your body's hormonal/testosterone production to the levels you experienced when you were in your teenage years!!

Q. Will my size continue to increase if I keep taking it?
A. This is the best way to take vigour MEASURE-UP™, consistently over time! vigour MEASURE-UP™ will not work with one dosage but rather it is the continued elevated hormones that will make your penis experience renewed growth! Take it and watch it grow!!

Q. How old does one have to be to take this?
A. You certainly should not need to take this formula in your teenage years. That being said, vigour MEASURE-UP™ will increase your testosterone/hormonal levels regardless of how high or low they are at. So, if you think you are a great sexual performer, try vigour MEASURE-UP™ and see how it still can vastly increase your sexual performance!! And if you are not a sexual god, then you definitely should take vigour MEASURE-UP™!

Q. I am masturbating every day and still want to have sex at night with vigour MEASURE-UP™…is this OK?
A. A beautiful thing, is it not? vigour MEASURE-UP™ is working and YES, you will be fine!

Q. Should I cycle off vigour MEASURE-UP™?
A. Yes, you can if satisfied upto level. The formula has been designed so that the combination of ingredients are at high enough levels to make the interactions work effectively without negative side effects. This is because no one ingredient is at a level that is too high, but rather at a balance that makes each of the other ingredients work more effectively. This is why vigour MEASURE-UP™ is the best formula on the market!. No Addiction

Q. I seem to have a lot more energy during the rest of the day as well, why?
A. This is one of the greatest and yet least talked about effects of vigour MEASURE-UP™! Over time, the hormones that are elevated have a great effect on your body. Increased testosterone will help your body produce and maintain more muscle mass. Your body will shed unwanted and unneeded fat! As your body starts to run more optimally, because the hormonal production is increased to levels of your teenage years, you will have dramatically increased energy levels as well!

Q. Can I take this product with other sexual performance products or sexual enhancement drugs, such as viagra?
A. Yes, but you will not necessarily notice such dramatic effects as before. What I mean is that as vigour MEASURE-UP™ starts to work naturally in the body, it may not be necessary to even take a product such as Viagra. At first, yes it will still work fine, but as vigour MEASURE-UP™ starts to interact with your body and starts to work, the effects will be continuous and thus you will notice that vigour MEASURE-UP™ may be the drug of choice (and yet all natural)!!

Q. As this continues to increase my sex drive, I want my partner to be as aroused! Can my partner take it as well?
A. Yes! Especially if your partner is a life member !! vigour MEASURE-UP™ works with females as well! Testosterone is a sexual hormone for women just as it is for males. So vigour MEASURE-UP™ can increase a women's sex drive if taken consistently. In fact, if your partner needs a little boost in her sex drive, talk to her about taking an all natural supplement to boost her sex drive and then have her try vigour MEASURE-UP™ (she will like it and you will have to buy two bottles on your next order, one for you and one for her).

Q. Can I take with my MV and protein powder?
A. Yes, and it is a good idea to take a good multi-vitamin when taking vigour MEASURE-UP™. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to properly maintain sexual functions. This will only make vigour MEASURE-UP™ more effective! Take vigour MEASURE-UP™ and enjoy the results!!

Q. Are there any side-effects?
A. No.  vigour MEASURE-UP capsules are comprised of a non-prescription herbal formula that is safe for you to use.  All ingredients have been deemed as safe for human consumption by the Drug Authorities.

Q. Who should order vigour MEASURE-UP?
A. You should order vigour MEASURE-UP if you want to maximize your sexual prowess with a proven herbal formula.  This product is Clinically Tested.  It is all natural.  And its science has been tested.

Q. What is vigour MEASURE-UP?
A. It is a 100% safe and natural herbal formula designed to enlarge your penis size when used as we recommend.

Q. Is this discreet?
A. Package and bottles are made to be discreet , also the billing is discrete for our customers privacy.

Q. Does it work on non circumcised penis?
A. vigour MEASURE-UP will work on both circumcised and non circumcised penis.

Q. Does it affect differently with different races or different penis size?
A. There are stories and myths of penis size from around the world. One of the common stories is that men from different cultures or races have penis length differences. This is entirely inaccurate. The most common differences are in length and girth but remember, there are differences in all people in regards to height, weight and appearance.

Q. When should you stop taking vigour MEASURE-UP?
A. Whenever you feel comfortable with the way you look just stop taking our product.

Q. How do you ship the product?
A. We have online ordering process and you will get the product through courier/post/shipment around the world, and endever to get you your packet as quick as possible.

Q. I have never ordered online. Is it safe?
A. Yes! It is safer then placing an order over the phone or even buying anything at retail stores. We don't save your credit card information and can't even view it. All data is transmitted through a secure server by our credit card processor.

Q. Are their any alternative ordering methods besides using a credit card?
A. Yes you can mail us at contact@arryanlab.com to place order. Then we will tell you the process your purchasing our products

Q. Can I take vigour MEASURE-UP Capsules with other medications?
A. Though we are not aware of any contra-indications or problems associated with taking vigour MEASURE-UP Capsules with medications, you should always consult with the health care practitioner who prescribed any other medicines before using them with vigour MEASURE-UP (or for that matter, any other dietary supplement including vitamins). Please follow your doctor's or health practitioner's instructions.

Q. Can I use the vigour MEASURE-UP if I am a senior citizen?
A. Yes, you can. It stimulates the cells in the erectile chambers and build new layers, of cells in the old age. It improves digestive system and increase appetite and relieve powerfully weakness developed due to insomnia, diabetes, tension, depression. If you are on medication, have any health concerns or have any disease, ask your doctor or health care practitioner before taking vigour MEASURE-UP Capsules and embarking on the exercise regimen. Please follow your doctor's or health practitioner's instructions in such case.

Q. How should I store vigour MEASURE-UP Capsules?
A. Put it in the type of place you would store your vitamins or over-the-counter medicines in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Q. How do I know this works? How do I know it's safe?
A. If you will find results in following intervals, then you can assure yourself that vigour MEASURE-UP is working. vigour MEASURE-UP™ starts to interact with your body's hormone production immediately.
(if you are not impotent)
Phase I (Week 1 - 8) - Your erections  will last longer, become harder, and more vascular, may increase size upto .5 even 1 inch (when erect)
Phase II (Week 9 - 17)- Your erection continues to grow in length & thickness. May be upto 2 inches larger and much harder (when erect)
Phase III (Week 18 - 24)- Your penis will have taken on a new body; upto 3.0 inches larger (when erect).

Ingredients are quite natural and used after proper testing according to pharmacopia standard. No known side effects and No Addiction. CLINICALLY TESTED and APPROVED by Drug Authorities.

Q. My specific question is not there? How do I ask more?
A. Contact us at contact@arryanlab.com and our team will reply you sure as soon as possible.

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