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Powerful Amazon herbs that promote sexual performance
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Increased Blood flow to the penis increasing thickness and size
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Testimonials "What Customer Says" :
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Every day, we receive new testimonials from men who are working to be the very best they can be sexually -- both for themselves and for the pleasure of their partners.

The vigour MEASURE-UPTM has helped to reduce my sexual problems considerably.  This is probably due to the vigour MEASURE-UP. My hands are steadier and I also notice that I am more relaxed, have less anxiety, and am more relaxed.  These improvements I felt almost immediately upon taking the herbs. So far, the effect on the erectile dysfunction seems to be helping a little bit, but I think it is still too early to tell.  My libido has increased.  To date, I am very satisfied with the product, and will continue taking it twice a day and hope for continued improvement.

T. V. K. Somaiya, India.

Thank you very much. I have been taking your product for about 3 weeks, and it works very well. I regain what I had years ago. My question would be if I have to take this all the time or I should be able to stop at certain point. Please advise, based on others experience, how long I should take this continuously.
Rajesh K. Jha, Bastar, India

I've been taking vigour MEASURE-UP for over a month now and have great things to say. As far as sex-drive goes, I feel like I'm eighteen again! I've had no side effects whatsoever and highly recommend the product for any man looking for enhanced sexual pleasure.

- Daniel, Australia

vigour MEASURE-UP has improved my sexual function without side effects.  I have more desire, stronger longer erections, and faster recovery now that I take it regularly.  In my 50s, I've tried lots of supplements but vigour MEASURE-UP is by far, my preferred one.

Somraj, Kathmandu

I have used your product for the last 4 months and have noticed a definite improvement in my seminal output. Up to 4 times as much as previously. Noticed a definite improvement in my sense of wellbeing, skin texture and just the way I look in general.

Abdul Samad, Pakistan

I ordered vigour MEASURE-UP for improving the quality of my erections.  I took it for about 2 months and found it to be quite useful.  I could feel an increase in size of my penis as well the erections were more full bodied.  Even after stopping the medicine for the last few months, the improvement is sustainable.

Chang, Singapore

I have used vigour MEASURE-UP for two months and found the stated expectation in the information about vigour MEASURE-UP to be fairly accurate.  In these two months, I have found an increased sensitivity in the sexually sensitive areas.  I have found a renewed interest in sex with increased desire.  In addition, I find my penis has thickened. 

The improvement to date has encouraged me sufficiently to reorder.

Lynn, Malaysia

"I have been using vigour MEASURE-UP for 1 month and I have gained a 1/2 inch in girth and 1/4 inch in length. My orgasms are so much more intense and my staying power has increased."

Robert, Australia

"I have used this product for about 3 months and have gained 1/2 inch in length and about 3/4 inch in girth."

Roniet Roy, Mauritius

"In the first 5 weeks of using the vigour MEASURE-UP, I have seen some gains in length (7mm) and girth (11cm). very pleased with how much I've gained in a short time and I'm looking forward to gaining more - in the coming weeks."

Alexander Johnson, Cananda

"After only 2 weeks of use I have noticed a amazing difference in girth. It is a lot thicker and erections are a lot harder already. Can't wait to see it after a few months."

Craig Tremenson, Trinidad

"I just finished my first 1 month supply of extra strength vigour MEASURE-UP. I was 6" to begin with but wanted to be bigger. I kept the capsules a secret from my girlfriend to see if she would notice on her own and she has. I'm up to 6 1/2 now. I plan on continuing the use of vigour MEASURE-UP."

Sheqh Abdullah, Kuwait

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